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July 30 2019 When we Don’t Realize We’re Good & Letting the System Do it’s Thing

When the house gets organized we do something. We think that we’re not OK if everything isn’t perfect, we feel ashamed of what is normal. I tell a story about a moment when someone came by and I had some laundry in a pile, toys in the living room, clothes to put away in the bedroom and a few dishes in the sink… This is a must-watch so that you can enjoy the newfound freedom and live the life you’ve set yourself up for. .. 


April 23, 2019 When We Think We Should Get Rid Of Things But Don’t Want To.

Ansering a question from a member who came accross boxes of her childhood.


March 12, 2019 Why Don’t we begin and what to do about it.

We talk about 3 reasons that we don’t begin on something we want to and we get the motivation to get started and the knowlege to stay committed.1. Thinking we need to do x y and z before we do. 2. Fear 3. We don’t believe it will work for us. 


No topic: But we talk about a lot of stuff you’re going to like it. 

*About taking online courses.

*How we can change how we interpret things to live a happier life. Giving things a differnt meaning.*I answer some questions about the New TTU

*Question about taking TTU after about a year in, and how to move forward while feeling like we should be further.*How we only see what we’re able to see at each turn.*Living in a really small space and liking it.*Tips on Crisis Cleaning.


Get the Outside Help You Need to Jumpstart your Dejunking and how NOT to Experince the Pitfalls.

Getting Outside help can be more of a hinderance than a help when we don’t know what to do and how we want it done.Getting a Personal Organizer is NOT the way to go… 

Feb 15 2019 Eating And All That Goes Along With It


Feb 5, 2019 Using Our Binder, The Weekly Plan, Zones and our Star Goal Setting Chart in a more visual way.


Becoming a master of your Holiday’s Universe

CLICK HERE FOR TEMPLATEThis Cawfee Tawk we go over how to use October as a kickoff point to get the Holiday Season off the ground and enjoyable. 



Managing Your Night Time Routine & Finding Time for The Added Stuff.

This question was asked by a member who was finding it difficult to do anything after work except for, dinner, cleanup, pj’s, dog care and sleep. 


Say No

Do you feel guilty when you say no to people who ask you for help?Do you put the housework on the back burner because you know that you can do it later? The “Say No” Cawfee Tawk is a must watch!


When Emotions Get Complicated

This was inspired by a Facebook Posted by a member who had her feelings hurt and found herself falling completely off track with her dejunking and Tidy Tutor Plan.If you find yourself falling back into old habits when things go awry, you’ll want to watch this Cawfee Tawk.


When you Can’t Make it Work

This Cawfee Tawk addresses my observations of when students have a rocky start and then struggle. I discuss the solutions and some of the pitfalls to watch out for and what to do about it. So if you are struggling to make the system work for you, this is a great Cawfee Tawk to watch.


Heart Clutter – The Sabotaging of our efforts

This is about our Heart Clutter. Thoughts that we plant in our minds and we allow to grow and begins to effect our lives like the clutter in our homes. Someone asked me how to declutter our hearts. And that is what inspired this Cawfee Tawk. 


Just do it Anyway

If you have always struggled with the “Just Do It” slogan. This video is for you! I help you see how, for us OCP “Just Do It Anyway” is more our speed. It will really help you to better understand and appreciate yourself, as well as taking that “Just Do It” and make it work for you. 


Making Life Simpler to Navigate

The topic I had planned was “Writing Things Down” but then as I was working on it I felt compelled to go with this topic instead. In today’s world it has become so complicated and busy that making life simpler is necessary and I go into several things we can do that will make life easier to manage and free up time in the process. 


How Do the Words We Speak Effect Our Life?

When I first got organized, one of the first things I learned from Pam Young and Peggy Jones from their book Sidetracked Home Executives to watch the gossip and what I was watching on TV. That our negative surroundings have an effect on our success. This Cawfee Tawk goes a little deeper, explaining why that is.  Winston Churchill said “We are the masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out. Jean-Paul Sartre said “Words are loaded pistols. Mastering our words will help you change everything you want to change, including the clutter.


Writing our Own Story & How Our Stuff Becomes the Publisher and Editor

When a book is written often an editor will correct things, that is what we pay them for, but sometimes it goes too far, to the degree where it isn’t conveying what you wanted to say anymore, it becomes someone else story.  So often we inherit other people’s stuff and when that happens we soon get lost in the mix. Our own style cannot be found anymore. If you struggle with letting go of things you don’t want anymore that belonged to a loved one or is just really a good piece but you don’t like it. This Cawfee Tawk is for you.


Story Time: Reading Chapter 10 The Unique That is You (In my book – in Finally Organized)

In this Cawfee Tawk I read Chapter 10 as well as some comentary from me. We discuss: * The Expert Theory * The Book 7 Habits of Highly Successful People* How we learn and why we don’t get what others seem to easily.* Motivation to do what we’ve gotta

* Understanding of our inner slob self and how to succeed being who we are. 

July 10- 2018 Don’t Give Up


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June 24, 2018 Non Negotiable’s – Our Identity – Our Standards