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September 24th 2019 Identity.

September 10th Remembering What really Matters

8-13-19 What happens when we begin something for a REAL reason and have all the motivation pumped up to do it, and then we get what we wanted? How do we keep up the momentum when thing begin to get better but we still haven’t arrived?

For example: “I want to have friends over!” So, we begin TTU and get our living room looking good… four weeks later our bathroom and kitchen are amazing! So we invite friends over for a movie night… and suddenly the desperation, the desire and the feeling that I MUST GET MY LIFE TOGETHER is a distant memory… We know there is still so much work to do… how to do keep going when the original reason we used to motivate us has been reached?

When the house gets organized we do something. We think that we’re not OK if everything isn’t perfect, we feel ashamed of what is normal. I tell a story about a moment when someone came by and I had some laundry in a pile, toys in the living room, clothes to put away in the bedroom and a few dishes in the sink… This is a must-watch so that you can enjoy the newfound freedom and live the life you’ve set yourself up for. ..

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