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Oh, My, God. I am so, so happy… I am SO overwhelmed. And, the thing you said about being overwhelmed and needing someone to hold your hand struck home with me. As a hoarder it is so hard to allow anyone to know how I live. Thank you. Thank you for helping me begin the process of reclaiming, or for the first time ever having a clutter-free life. Thank you.


Sometimes I would have the house all cleaned up and I would be so proud of myself. But when something unexpected came up or when life became an overflowing plate, it was like opening up one of those practical joke snakes in a can. I would go from feeling fine to frantic in a matter of seconds. I would become impatient, frustrated and someone I didn’t like very much. I never knew where to start or what to do… OH BOY! How things have changed and they could change for you too.

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I did this today. I had a list of 6. Crossed it all off and ended up adding 13 more! Things came up, I dealt with them and I added them and promptly numbered and crossed them off. Awesome. One thing I noticed. A lot of things took more time but because I was aware of it, I did not feel like I ‘wasted’ any time today.


Omgoodnes thank youuuuu soooooo muuccchhh! This really helped!…with this i got alot done today thank you!!!! YOUR AWESOME


…being a new mom and my marine husband plus 2 more marine male roommates make me feel hopeless for keeping my house clean lol! thank u 🙂