This is the 4th blog in the video series I am doing to determine how much clothing we really need.

We will also delve into what kinds of clothes people have and how it works for them so that those of us who have a closet full but nothing to wear can fix that problem.

This really is a hot topic in the blogger world and secular magazines have no shortages of articles about what we just have to have this season!

I have gotten a lot of emails lately asking for help with crowded closets and overstuffed drawers and rather than giving some sort of point blank, boring finger pointing answer I thought I would go into some real people’s homes and peek in their closets and find out what they had and how it all worked for them.

So far, we visited my daughter Katie who has decided that she was going to simplify things and create a type of uniform for herself.

We visited my girlfriend Lisa who is a minimalist that even “The Minimalists” would be proud to feature.

And today we visit my Sister-In-Law Dorothea. She is by no means a minimalist, but also does not have more than will fit in her space.

Dorothea likes to shop, and she loves quality things, she also likes to stay in fashion so she is sure to go and get herself some new things every season.

All 4 seasons fit in her double closet (meant to be his and her, but it is just hers) my brothers clothes are in the closet in their spare room/office.

Katie had just over 35 pieces not counting gym clothes, shoes, jewelry and winter garb.

Lisa’s things we could count with one hand I think…

And Dorothea? Well, we wouldn’t even want to begin to count… BUT it does work, it’s not over crowded, is mangle and works for her.

I hope you enjoy this video please leave a comment.

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Diana Gourley - January 24, 2018 Reply

I’m doing better than I thought I was. I will focus on what works for me and stop worry about whether or not it’s the “right” way to do it or not. Thanks!

    Kathy Roberts - February 1, 2018 Reply

    That is awesome Diana! Keep in touch!!

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