Getting Started!

I just put this page together and sent it out to you because I want to make sure you are getting off on the right foot.

You will see that there are many options in your members area. There is an introduction videos on the entry page of TTU success package and the  first video in TTU is a welcome. (you may notice that there are a couple of youtube videos they are saved as unlisted, only you guys can see them, the reason I did that was there was a bit of a problem with my video player and I needed a work-around)Watch both of them here and now if you have the time to, they are both short. First one is 7 minutes and the second one is just under 5 minutes.  And if you don’t have the time then be sure and watch them when you login. 

This video is there when you click on the Tidy Tutor Success Package (only 5 views, and I watched it twice!)I don’t know if it seems like an introduction isn’t important or what… But we often skip the preface and introduction of a book, so why not think that is what is happening with the course. 

This video is there when you click on Part 1 in Session 1 of Tidy Tutor University. Now this video I have as public on my Youtube channel so it has 365 views. I know that it is crazy lower a number by you guys who have enrolled in TTU. Please watch it. 

And one more thing! I have scheduled a webinar for the 6th 7th and 8th. They are the same webinar but different times so that I can accommodate the time zones. Please click HERE and register for the one that will work for you.Love,Kathy