Week 3 – Session 3 Part 1

* Last 4 Habits: 1. Close cupboards, drawers and closets 2. Write it down 3. Hurry up and slow down. 4. Think before you leave a room AKA “Count Mississippi’s”* Going over all 12 Habits

Down and Dirty! Nitty Gritty Fun 🙂

Click HERE: Download this document – it is the contents of the binder, “Control Central” for you to customize.

Click HERE: This is an example of the contents of the binder so you can have it for reference while we are customizing your personal biner “Control Central” Daily routine etc together. 

https://s3.amazonaws.com/ttu-2.0/session3-ttu2.0-part1of3.mp4Download Video

How to Download Video

Click on button > The video will open up in another browser > Click FILE > Save As > Name it > Choose where > Name it (I would create a folder and save it in that folder)