New Tidy Tutor University Landing Page

Launching January 8th, 2018

Welcome To the family! You’re all signed up, and I’m so excited to have move on this journey with you!

You’ve now become part of a group of some of the most amazing, compassionate, creative, giving women in the world  and I’m delighted to have you added to my Tidy Tutor Family.

We’re a unique group of like-minded women, who are the movers and the shakers of the world and each of us are ready to get our homes and our lives in order so that we can do all the things we’ve always dreamed of doing instead of always trying to keep up with cleaning and organizing (or trying to).

You will find wonderful friendships along the way with other members and incredible support.

On the 8th you will get access to Tidy Tutor University and all the bonus videos and mini courses inside of Tidy Tutor Insiders my exclusive club.

Every Monday you’ll receive a Facebook Live video to help you stay motivated and focused.  You’ll get access to hundreds of Cawfee Tawks (recorded live online meetings on specific topics related to living an organized life and added help regarding your Tidy Tutor material)

There are mini courses such as “Meals at Home” where we create a menu for a week and prep it all in one day together in a video series and “Getting Stuff Done” When you need a little hand holding through a project or many tasks that you are juggling.

You’ll be the first to get access to our latest goodies, you will have VIP status at live events and 20% off anything that is purchasable from The Tidy Tutor (much of what is purchasable to others is available to you as part of membership)

We’ve also got an amazing supportive private Facebook group where I do spontaneous fb live videos and I am active answering questions and providing support. It’s having me as your personal coach! All of that for under $1 a day!

Again, thank you for enrolling! If you have any questions be sure to email me! Kathy@TheTidyTutor.Com