Tidy Tutor University Session 4

We tie it all up inside of sesson 4.Storage, Celebrations, gift giving, party planning, the blank dividers inside the biner, Kids papers, Family Work Day, Dinner time, Tagging Game, Laundry, Papers, sheets and towels, Detail Cleaning list, lots freaking more ­čÖé 

  • Part 1 – 21:59
  • Part 2 – 30:13
  • Part 3 – 14:13
  • Part 4 – 10:28
  • CT Bonus

Session 4 Part 1

* What to do when it feels like things aren’t working anymore  * Storage   * Celebrations´╗┐´╗┐ *´╗┐´╗┐ Managing gift giving * Party Planning

* My heart about certain habits.* What blank dividers are for. * How we manage all the extras that come with living life. * Get Togethers

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Session 4 Part 2

*What are Hot Spots and why should I care?* Kids Papers* If you can’t beat ’em DON’T! Work how You Tick!* Clean Easier – really it can happen! * All about Family Work Day. 

* Dinner Time (especially when you don’t eat alone)* What is the Tagging Game and why you need to set it up. * Delegate! Delegate! Delegate! * Laundry * Having a CLEAN home without the overwhelm and hard work.

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Inside Session 4 – Part 3 

*How to Tackle piles of papers and files. * How to deal with incoming mail. * How to deal with any and all incoming paperwork. * How to have all your records for the year in a tidy little package. * What about Paperless?

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Inside Session 4 part 4

* Laundry * Sheets & Towels * Kids & Towels & Laundry * Detail Cleaning List 

* Successful Tomorrow Routine * To do Lists * Kids Rooms * What to do when feeling frustrated? 

Here are the videos I spoke of on Part 4 of Session 4. I suggested listening to these, so here you go! 

Comfort Zones

Relative Depravation – Comparisons

When Live Sends Us a CurveBall