Tidy Tutor University Session 1

Total Class Time 1 hour 9 minutes. Parts 1 -3 is session 1 in it’s entirety.Don’t skip any video or take them out of order. Every single video in this course is important, there is no fluff.

  • Part 1 – 32 :38 
  • Part 2 
  • Part 3 – 27:11
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Watch this video first

Inside Week 1 – Part 1

* How to take this class to get the very most out of it.* How you tick and why it is so important to know about YOU.  * What does it mean to be right brained and why should you care?* A vision of what you want & making it a reality in your life.* Why is it that I can help you?* Why we have not been able to keep the house clean before, and how you will be able to now!

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Inside Session 1 – Week 2 

* Creating your goals* Creating a vision for your home* The No Excuse Rule (I know it sounds scary!) Don’t sweat it :)* What to do if you are not well * The all important Daily Routine* The all important Weekly Plan* Supplies to get for Next Week

Inside Week 1 – Session 1 Part 3

* The Phone & Texting & TV & internet…aka distractions.* Taking Care of You – Getting Dressed – Dress Nice? * Body, Soul & Sprit. * Counting Mississippi’s… What the heck is that about?* Apple Boxes, Apple Boxes, Apple Boxes! * Getting up early enough.* Our Attitude, Our Perception, Our Success, and No more failure.

You have completed session 1 Practice this for an entire week before moving onto session 2. 

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