Tidy Tutor University Session 2

Total time 2 hoursEach session needs to be practiced for an entire week before you move onto the next session.Each session has been broken up into modules for easier reference and should you want to find a specific portion of the course to review. Don’t skip any lessons, every single video is important, there is no fluff to this course. 

  • Part 1 – 21:28
  • Part 2 – 12:58
  • Part 3 – 14:24
  • Part 4 – 37:00
  • Part 5 – 40:27

Inside Week 2 – Session 2 Part 1

* Saying No (you can do it!) * Don’t pass it up pick it up. (This one thing blew me away!)* The secret weapon: It Goes Where it Goes! * Planners * How to cultivate an attitude that guarantees success. * Creating Zones (sections) so we can systematically clean the house. * Creating a weekly Plan.* Using Our zones With Our Weekly Plan. * Supplies needed for this week.

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Inside Week 2 – Session 2 Part 2

* How-To Dejunk * Tools to Use* Anti Sidetracking Device* How do we know what to get rid of* Where to Start.* How do we know what to keep?

Inside Session 2 – Part 3 

* Creating a De-junking Plan * How to tackle the room that is bothering you the most.* The Room by Room Plan and where to start* After Dinner* Supplies Needed for Next week: The Binder

Inside Week 2 – Session 2 Part 4

* Direction* More on dejunking.* 8 habits out of our 12* What to get rid of. * How to begin when there is so much to do?

* All-Nighters* Reevaluation* The Box it up plan* When you don’t know what to keep.* What to do with sentimental clutter

Inside Week 2 – Session 2 Part 5 

* How we feel about ourselves based on our perception of what we SHOULD be.* How comparing ourselves is a trap and how to be on the lookout for it.* Minimalism * How the things we love and want to keep have more power over us than we believe and how we can  get back control.