Tidy Tutor University Session 3

Step by Step Building The Binder Together Continued.

  • Part 1 – 18:21
  • Part 2 – 30:55
  • Part 3 – 14:13
  • Binder 1
  • Binder 2
  • Binder 3

Week 3 – Session 3 Part 1

* Last 4 Habits: 1. Close cupboards, drawers and closets 2. Write it down 3. Hurry up and slow down. 4. Think before you leave a room AKA “Count Mississippi’s”* Going over all 12 Habits

Click HERE: Download this document – it is the contents of the binder, “Control Central” for you to customize.

Click HERE: This is an example of the contents of the binder so you can have it for reference while we are customizing your personal binder “Control Central” Daily routine etc together.

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Inside Week 3 – Session 3 Part 2

* G.I.F.T.First thing we do before we get out of bed. * The self cleaning bathroom.* You are going to love “Loose End Day”. * You are going to want to skip “Once Over Day” Don’t! * How Loose End Day & Once Over Day works * The Binder * What the Binder is to us * Realizing our value as OCP * Downloading the contents of the binder* Printing the contents of the binder* Supplies you’ll need for our next video (listed below & in notes)

Supplies Needed For Next Section of Session 3 (You had this instruction inside of Session 2, this is just a reminder in case you put it off.)

• 1 inch binder• 5 page protectors• A-Z Dividers• Pen with a clip• Loose leaf paper• Hole Punch• Your weekly Plan Card• Print out of current year’s Calendar Pages• 3 dividers (1 with a pocket)

• A year at a glance calendar• 3×5 cards• Dry erase marker• Piece of sticky velcro• Your zone Plan Card• Customized contents of the binder printed out (or written out)• A planner

Inside Session 3 – Part 3 

Get ready to have your left-brain handed to you!(That’s a good thing) This session will get you set up with a binder that brings the whole system together.

* Customizing contents of binder together* How to get the content * How to tweak the contents of daily routine so that it is for your life. * How to tweak all the rest and get it ready for printing 

Watch video for step by step instruction on how to put together and customize the binder for you life and your home.

Inside Session3 – Building the Binder part 1

In these videos, we work together, step by step, building our binder. (You must have all the physical supplies to continue)You also must download the customizable binder to continue.The download can be found inside of session three and also below. 

Step by Step Building The Binder Together Continued.

  • If you haven’t done it yet you can CLICK HERE to customize the contents of the binder.
  • And you can CLICK HERE to download the PDF version of the binder for comparison  as you go.