Woo-Hoo! You are in! Declutter Day Here We Come!

OK! So you enrolled in our declutter day LIVE! We are going to meet on October 13, 2018 11:00 AM Eastern Time (New York Time) and conclude at 3:00

Click on the link below and register in advance for this meeting:


To be a part of this you must register, so click on the link.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing info about joining the meeting.

If you are dejunking you can get a printable to have a head start.

CLICK HERE FOR PDF Printable: Head start instruction on how to dejunk and use the items suggested.

You will also have this exact message sent to you as an email. Please be sure to open all the emails I send regarding this event. It is scheduled for 4 hours, but remember,  even if you can only attend 2 hours you’ll till be super happy you enrolled. You can begin when you like and end when suits you best. I will be there at every juncture 🙂

Be sure to register (link above)

This is a virtual meeting and if you like you can be seen by me and others in the group BUT you do not have to be seen. I will be seen and heard. You can be heard or not. It’s your call.

If you are working on cleaning a room or getting clutter removed these items below will aid you very much in getting the job done and there is a PDF Here on this page that will help you get a head start if you would like to.

1. Timer 2. Three Containers (example Laundry Basket, storage bin and or a box) 3. A garbage and large plastic garbage bags. 4. Shoe box. 5. Pad and pen 6. Piggy Bank, small jar or coffee can 7. your planner or calendar (all of this info is included in the link above for the printable)

See ya soon!
The Tidy Tutor